HelioStill Solar Desalination 

HelioStill is the modular system for solar powered water purification and desalination. HelioStill uses only the power of the sun and is therefore environmentally friendly and cost efficient. The HelioStill mimics the natural hydrological cycle in the earths atmosphere to produce rain on a small scale. 

HelioStill uses the energy of the sun directly to remove salts and other contaminants from seawater or brackish water, through distillation in order to produce safe, potable drinkingwater.  

With HelioStills arid coastal regions can be turned into fertile agricultural oases. Heliostills can make desserts bloom. 

HelioStills can be used as a 'stand alone' unit as well as in a cascade array.

One typical HelioStill unit (1,2 m2) can produce up to 10 liters of clean drinking water per day, depending on the power and the daily duration of the sunshine and the power of the wind.     

HelioStill is a Dutch quality product from Aquastrada Eindhoven. The units are entirely made of aluminium and glass for durability. They do not contain any moving parts so there are low in maintenance. 

-> Demo video on YouTube